Orange1 #BUILDINGFUTURE | Interview with Leone Donazzan

1971, Bassano del Grappa. A young Leone Donazzan starts #BUILDINGFUTURE

Almost 50 years have past since the day that ELD (Elettromeccanica Leone Donazzan) was founded. 50 years of hard work, sacrifice and growth of 200 million euros.

Orange1 #BUILDINGFUTURE - Interview with Leone Donazzan

Leone, many things have changed since the day of your debut in the Industry. The world has seen a huge transformation under many aspects: socially, politically, economically and overall, industrially and climati- cally. Nowadays we are living “the fourth industrial revolution”, an “Industry 4.0” which we see going towards an increasingly automated and inter- connected industrial production.

What do you think all of this will lead us to? Do you think we are #buildin- gfuture for a possible and why not, close “Industry 5.0”?

Back in my days, being an entrepreneur was much easier than today. There were not as many fiscal and bureaucratic commitments (obstacles to corporate life by institutions, institutions, various administrations with hundreds of laws), which would eventually constitute a considerable decrease in the rate of growth. We focused on increasing the product’s added value, creating goods tailored to the needs of society. As a side effect, we contributed to create both direct and indirect work, strengthening the economic and social development of the territory. In those years the most important challange was the competitiveness, requiringthe ability to adapt to the market and economic context, manage human resources and develop the internal organisation, master professional skills. It’s hard for me to compare those days with the current industrial situation. Today in fact, if we think as you said in term of an “Industry 4.0”, it changes a lot. The production models and consequently the staff’s skills are totally different. A powerful mix of human, production and programming robotics, new technologies, distribution and grid connection is triggered. Personally I’m still not sure what to aspect for the coming years. The world today is consistently changing.
Changes take place at such a speed that it has become impossible to know with certainty what it will be of our future. If we will soon experience a fifth industrial revolution, an “Industry 5.0” I am not sure, but if so, I really hope that It wont delete irretrievably all those values that we now “old industrialists”, have created, shared and applied in our work.


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