World Development Information Day | Interview with Luca Zerbato (O1 Electric Motors CTO)

On October 24th, World Development Information Day was celebrated, a day that aims to attract the attention of world public opinion on development issues and on the need to encourage new efforts in the field of international cooperation. To give relevance to this event, the General Assembly of the United Nations established several “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG), based not only on the concept of sustainability as an environmental attribute but also by integrating a broader vision from an industrial point of view.

Among these objectives, we find some very similar to those that are the key principles on which Orange1 Electric Motors developed two new product ranges this year:

  • ensuring access to clean, cheap and sustainable energy for all;
  • use of the resources in a responsible way.

On the occasion of this important day, Luca Zerbato, Chief Technical Officer of Orange1 Electric Motors, is pleased to present the path of technological development that Orange1 has decided to undertake in these recent years.

“The theme of the continuous technological development of rotating electrical machines is for Orange1 a foundation of its industrial business strategy. This is evidenced by the fact that even before the impositions of the law, O1 started, research and development of the motor range with IE3 efficiency level, but this was only a first step. Since 2018 in fact, it has started a search for the design of engines with permanent magnet technology to offer the market a range of IE4 and IE5 efficiency engines, even if there are still no legal obligations in this regard. This activity starts collaborations with leading Italian universities.
In 2019 the research and design of engines with reluctance technology was started; a technology that allows to reach important levels of efficiency and above all a very simplified production with a reduced environmental impact. The technological development path that O1 has started over the last 4 years also includes the power electronics technology to be combined with electric motors, inserting a work team for the HW, FW and SW design.
We also want to highlight that the Orange1 Group, in particular through the SICME headquarters in Turin, has been working for many years also in sectors such as renewable energy through the production of hydroelectric and wind generators, and also supplies leading companies in the world of railways, guaranteeing a less polluting and sustainable transport through its products.”

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